Introduction Anti hail mesh is a type of netting that is use to protect crops and other outdoor structures from the potentially damaging effects of strong winds and hail storms. This type of netting is made of a strong, lightweight material that is designed to withstand the force of strong winds and hail. It is […]

Introduction The use of a hail mesh is a measure that people should take to protect their properties from the effects of hail storms. This is because hail can not only destroy shingles, tree leaves and windows. But also cause damage to crops, animal life and property in the long run. A hail screen consists […]

Introduction Installing a hail screen correctly is very important to protect the roof of your property. Exposure to the elements can damage a home’s roof and accelerate its deterioration. Fortunately, there is a solution. Hail barrier net can help prevent hail and lightning damage to roofs. Here’s how to properly install a hail screen. Before […]

Introduction A hail netting is a strong but flexible netting made of anti-UV material such as PVC, nylon, rainbow and polyethylene. This netting is designed to protect property in places where hail is forecast, such as orchards. Nurseries, sports fields, rooftops, playgrounds and other backyard surfaces. The netting helps prevent damage to windows, doors and […]

The bird season is here. During the summers and spring bird activity around the houses and city increases. During this time when birds are migrating, if you are not ready for these migrating birds your house and garden may get damaged. The main area is your garden and especially the potted plants that you leave […]