The bird season is here. During the summers and spring bird activity around the houses and city increases. During this time when birds are migrating, if you are not ready for these migrating birds your house and garden may get damaged. The main area is your garden and especially the potted plants that you leave in your garden for them to grow. In the cases where you have a courtyard or a balcony, you can go with container gardening to grow the plants. These plants need protection from birds to be completely swept overnight by the birds. You can use hail protection netting to protect your plants especially the potted plants in your garden. Protecting your garden with hail protection netting is a good way to take care of your fruits as well as vegetable plants from the birds.

In general, pigeons are commonly known pest birds for such things and they completely love plants from cabbage family such as cauliflower. They would also eat your raspberries, gooseberries and your garden peas. Some of these birds will generally eat the insects, however, some of them will eat your seeds while they are still on the ground. They will also bite on your leaves as well. If you want your garden to bloom at its full potential bird control measures such as hail protection netting is a necessary option.

Most easily useable garden netting is known as hail protection netting. It comes in a very lightweight you can simply cover your vegetables and potted plants with it. It comes in 14 by 100 and 14 by 200 rolls respectively and you can cut it to meet your specifications and requirements. It also comes in different mesh sizes to protect your garden from different types of birds and insects and come in 1/4″ mesh, 1/2″ mesh and 3/4″ mesh size. Clips are available that make use and installation of your netting very easy. Normally the good garden net should be made out of durable, UV protecting polypropylene. Such netting is very strong yet almost invisible. This netting can be used on a temporary basis where you want to protect your garden in a specific season or you can use it permanently all year long depending on your need.

You can use Visual bird deterrents alongside garden net. Such visual bird deterrents would include options like flash tapes, scare balloons and such other scare diverters. Scare balloons and such other diverters with predator markings and movements on them sway with the wind and scare the birds away. They also create a visual distraction because of the shiny material with which they are made up of. You can put them near your potted pots, on the stakes in the container or on the trees.

With your protection netting, you put in place, the birds cannot access your garden and because of visual bird deterrents, birds will be scared away. There are some other visual bird distracters that you can use in your backyard. There is that spider-like deterrent which have arms and which sway here and there scaring the bird away. You can even use them to be placed on your rooftop and stare at your garden. While talking gardens there is a slot of hard work and it makes a lot of sense to protect all the hard work and the money that has gone in already. Be sure to check the bird control in your list of items while planting a garden.

You can use hail protection netting to protect your vegetable, fruit crops, including your seeds in the soil. A Large percentage of otherwise commercially valuable products would be damaged by these bats and Frugivore birds, which will cause greater damage to the farmers where the keep pecking one fruit or the other. When he have made even a small bite mark on any of your fruit, it cannot be sold, neither can it be harvested even without any bacteria since they will rot nor damage other harvests due to fermentation. You can directly place the netting on single trees or espaliers such as a peach tree, pears, apple, and grapes. It can also be used on the inside of aeration windows of tunnels for cases of berries such as blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and cranberries.

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