Hail protection net

Protection against hail storms and more

Why use hail protection netting?

Hail storms and similar natural phenomenon can cause catastrophe to your crops or produce. Farmers and other crop land owners would be in huge trouble if sufficient protection mechanism is not installed for their crops. Earlier there were no such mechanism for protection against hail or storm and farmers were helpless. But today that is not the case. With advancements in every field, innovative ideas are also showing its effect in these areas as well.

To protect farms and crops from hail storms that destroy crop lands in a matter of seconds, an innovative product called ‘hail storm netting’ was introduced. Today it has turned into a necessary product for farmers and owners of orchard, especially in areas of frequent hail storm attacks.

This type of trellising net can be used for the protection of a wide array of crops and cultivation ranging from tomato raffia to even vast crop lands of rice or wheat.

frost fabric used for protect trees
The hail netting provide the best protection of your crops against the hail storms.

How are they made or what is it made of?

Hail protection net is generally made of HDPE and is made into meshes with diamond or square shapes. Some additional settings like eyelets, centerline may also be provided for better reinforcement and strength. Anti hail netting or just hail netting provides an economic and effective solution for the problems it fights against.

Made from polyethylene, these netting are hard to damage and offers great durability for many years yet to come. They are also generally equipped with button holes which aids in proper installation of these nets. There are several other uses for hail netting in addition to the effective protection against hail storms that it guarantees.

Some of them are:

  • Vegetable support netting

  • Barrier nets for protection from birds or even insects

  • Others providing specific and specialized protection against specimens like grasshoppers, Japanese beetle, stink bug and much more

  • Hoop netting

  • Tree cover for fruits

frost blanket used for tress protection
There are other uses for the hail netting,besides od the effective protection against hail storms like vegetables support.

What are the benefits of using hail protection net?

We know that these trellising nets are life savers for farmers and orchard owners in many ways with the prime intention as the protection against hail storms. But what are the advantages or benefits that they provide us customers with? Well, here are some of them when we consider all aspects and plus points concerned with hail protection net.

  • First of all, let’s take a look at the structural or figurative aspects. These nets are built from polyethylene. This polymer imparts great strength are durability. This in turn means that once you install one of these trellising nets for protecting your crops, you need not worry about them for years to come.

  • When speaking of structural aspects, the meshes in these nettings can be customized for the right size you require. These custom sizes provide great benefits for farmers and crop land owners making these nets appropriate for a wide range of crops.

  • These nets are also extremely light weight because of the light nature of polyethylene used to make them. As a result, it needs not further support system making the installation procedure effortless.

  • As mentioned earlier, they can be put to a wide variety of other uses. Some of them are listed above. Of which, their application as bird barriers and as vegetable and fruit support netting accounts as the most popular alternative uses.

Hail protection netting
The Hail netting is a polymer imparts great strength are durability.

How size of hail protection net affects its application

As mentioned before, the mesh sizes of these nets can be easily customized for various purposes. Well, here are some examples to illustrate the size variations and corresponding applications. A 22ft by 45ft and a 50ft by 50 ft are considered the standard size and are used for protection against UV for gardens and orchards. Knitted hail netting of dimensions 32 by 5 ft, 16 by 4 ft or 8 by 3 ft is used as PVC hoops for gardens. There are also many possible dimensions and some exceptional uses for each of them.

So to sum it all up

Thus anti hail netting is one of the most useful and necessary products for farmers and land owners. They offer a variety of services in addition to the excellent protection it offers against the persistent problem of hail storm attacks in many parts of the world.

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